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We offer a wide range of rigging services; this is only a partial list of the professional rigging related services we can help you with.

Rig Inspections

Contact us to schedule your rig inspection

Winch Cleaning and Servicing

Rebuilding, cleaning and servicing of winches

Rig Inspections

Contact us to schedule your rig inspection

Winch Cleaning and Servicing

Rebuilding, cleaning and servicing of winches

Rigging Inspections & Rig Tuning

Pre-purchase rigging survey, for insurance purposes, or just for your own edification: a rig inspection can find small issues before they become bigger,

more dangerous ones.

A proper rig tune ensures that the loads on your mast are balanced and the sails can be adjusted correctly.  It's a tune-up for your wind-powered engine.  Around half of the boats I go aboard have incorrectly tuned rigging.


Let our decades of on-the-water expertise in cruising and racing as well as repairing and preparing boats help you navigate the myriad of sail handling and rigging choices ahead of you. 

Running Rigging

Halyards, sheets, control lines and any other lines and deck layouts we can optimize for you.  From Hi-tech to low-tech, there is a perfect line for each purpose aboard.

Standing Rigging

Inspection, upgrading and replacement of 1X19 wire, rod and synthetic rigging are what we love to do.

Offshore Racing & Cruising Preparation

With over 30 years of preparing my own and others boats, let our experience help to optimize your boat for an easier and safer sailing experience.  The ocean is no place for compromise.

Furling Systems

We are factory trained and authorized to sell and service most major brands of jib, mainsail and spinnaker/code zero furling systems.

New Spars & Spar Repair

Sales and installation of new as well as maintenance and repair of old spars (mast,boom, spinnaker and reaching poles).

Boat Transport Packing & Unpacking

Don't leave critical rigging-specific details to just any old boat yard bloke. Trust an experienced rigger to pack or unpack your rig for long road trips.


Inspection and installation of quality lifelines.  They are called "LIFE" lines for a reason.  Don't skimp on this basic safety item.

Reefing Systems

Optimization and installation of additional reef lines, leading them back to the cockpit, or adding a storm trysail.  Being able to reduce sail area efficiently and safely is key for safe sailing.

List of services:
-Spinnaker Poles and Control Systems
-Traveler Systems


-Rig Tuning

-Lazy jacks

-Reefing system


-Cutter/Solent Stay"

Traveler Systems

Upgrade or replacement of mainsheet traveler systems can give you better sail shape, performance, and reduce heel.

Vangs, Preventers & Backstay Adjusters

Sales and service of vangs, rigid or soft.  As well as setting up jibe preventer systems and backstay adjusters.

Cutter & Solent Stays, Running Backstays

Installation of permanent or removable cutter and solent stays using quality wire or synthetic rigging.  We also install running backstays

Winch Servicing

Cleaning and servicing of existing winches or installation of new.  Winches are the power that helps control your sails, so take care of them.


Inspection, servicing, and replacement of chainplates- a very important and often overlooked foundation of the entire rigging system. 

Lazy Jacks & Strong Track

Installation of lazy jacks make raising and lowering the mainsail so much easier and controlled.  Combined with a low-friction slide system like the strong track makes taming your mainsail easy.

Aloft Work

Aloft work is an important and not always easy part of a riggers work when it comes to installing or replacing things 20'- 40' or 80' up in the rig.


Installation of Spartite,  a semi-flexible two-part polyurethane that creates a watertight seal around the mast/deck fitting, and provides support and even distribution of rig loads.


Labor Rates

Travel Charges

Material Costs

I mostly work by myself, so you're only paying for the sharpest tool in our shed to work for you.  We have a straightforward hourly rate and pride ourselves in staying within our estimates so that your final bill is fair and easy to understand, with no surprises.

On rigging jobs more than 20 minutes outside of Anacortes, we charge a reduced hourly rate of half-price which covers not only my time to battle traffic but also fuel and wear & tear on our vehicle.  Again, it is usually just me you're paying for and not two guys or more.  

We try to make material costs roughly what they are at the local marine retail store, however we realize there are always deals out there online or if you have a wholesale account.  But I can't tell you how many extra $$$ of labor hours I have had to charge due to customer-provided products that were not quite ideal for the project. Usually it is easiest for us to order the right part for the job the first time around.

Please contact us to get a more detailed estimate for your specific project.

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